Our team

Meet the members of the Harringtons Group team, learn about their roles, and find out how they contribute to our success.

Alex Harrington Managing Director

Alex is responsible for the day-to-day running of the business, overseeing all our operations from marketing through to project completion. He started in the industry as a carpenter and his precise, detail-oriented approach has played an essential role in the success of the company. Alex works closely with our customers and is skilled at understanding and implementing their requirements. His strong focus on achieving a successful outcome means that he always has the finished design in the front of his mind, even from the very start when we’re digging the foundations.

Ron Harrington Office and Warehouse Manager

Ron is responsible for purchasing, administration, stock control, and warehouse operations within the business. His varied role ensures that no two days are the same and, due to his involvement in multiple key areas, he is constantly required to stay on top of any developments that may affect the business. His excellent organisational skills allow him to resolve issues efficiently and effectively, while he also takes a proactive approach that makes sure we are as responsive to the needs of our customers as we possibly can be.

Lee Kemp Team Manager and Head of Painting and Decorating

Lee oversees site operations and leads our painting and decorating division, making sure that our projects are fully costed and proceed smoothly. He works closely with the team, setting them targets and making sure that they have the resources they need for each project. Lee enjoys building relationships with customers and ensures that, having handled their enquiry from the start, they receive the high-quality outcome that they expect from us. His organisational and managerial skills are a huge asset for the business, helping us to grow and make the best of the opportunities that come our way.

Joe Chance Head of Plastering and Drylining

Joe leads our plastering and drylining division, managing the team and making sure that their workload is scheduled and suitably allocated. He enjoys working with our customers and using his skills to achieve their desired finish. As plasterers, Joe and his team play a key role within each project, transforming building sites into spaces that actually feel like a home. Joe’s emphasis on customer satisfaction and his desire to achieve a quality result, every single time, ensure that all our customers receive an outcome that they’re proud of.

Scott Macartney Head of Plumbing, Heating, and Bathrooms

Scott manages our plumbing and heating projects, ensuring that all work is completed efficiently and to a high standard. By setting achievable daily targets, he makes sure that the team is able to make consistent progress and can bring our customers’ visions to life with minimal disruption. Scott’s analytical skills make him an excellent fit for his role, allowing him to effectively break down each project to ensure a smooth outcome. He also has an excellent eye for aesthetics, making him an useful source of advice for bathroom projects.

Rod Kemp Head of Carpentry

Rod manages many of our building projects and takes specific responsibility for any carpentry or joinery work. He works hard to build a positive and creative environment within the team, driving our team members to make consistent progress and to complete their work to the highest possible quality. He works closely with customers and colleagues to ensure that each project is a success, providing an excellent result that surpasses the customer’s expectations. His thorough approach makes sure that our work is always the best it can be.

Claire Pickard Office Manager

Claire is responsible for managing our office, ensuring that all our day-to-day operations are carried out efficiently and in an organised manner. Her role is extremely varied, covering everything from organising diaries for our team members and preparing estimates for our clients, through to managing daily financial transactions and invoices on behalf of the company. Claire’s methodical approach, attention to detail, and excellent administrative skills have made her an invaluable member of our team, and have allowed her to thrive in a role where no two days are ever the same.

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