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There is a common myth surrounding plastering work – one that seems to think you can’t get through it without a heap of mess, but here at Harrington’s Group, we work to bust that myth and bust the mess.

Our years of experience has allowed us to pick up on a skillset that results in us working in only a way which causes minimal disruption, but maximum impact. Our plastering work, along with the end-to-end service we supply, exceeds expectations time and time again. Having worked all over the location of East Grinstead, from Dormans Park to Kingscote and built the positive reputation which we are proud of, no job is too big or too small for our specialist team.

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When undertaking a home improvement with us, we prioritise you. To ensure that you feel comfortable and well-informed about the possible process ahead, we offer a free, no obligation consultation and quote, specific to your property.

To arrange yours, give us a call on 01342 618 618 or email us at info@harringtonsgroup.co.uk. Alternatively, you can fill out our quick contact form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Transform your East Grinstead property with high-quality plasterers

Many property owners believe that plastering work consists of mess and disruption, but here at Harrington’s Group, we separate ourselves from the myths and produce clean, precise work with minimal disruption, no matter the service.


Here at Harrington’s Group, we can offer assistance to your whole property. From internal to external rendering, our combination of tools, materials and expertise will ensure that our work leave your home weatherproof and energy efficient.

Repair work

The size of a job doesn’t matter to us. From the large side, through to lesser, your requirement for repair work is suitable for our team. No matter the level of denting or cracking, allow us to transform a once faulted area into a pristine and safe environment.

Take a look at the previous plastering projects that we have completed in and around East Grinstead.

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By completing home improvements throughout East Grinstead and its surrounding areas for a wealth of years, we have been able to secure our high-level of knowledge and experience, allowing or skillset to excel further than ever before, exceeding customers’ expectations each time, no matter the home improvement project that they have undertaken.

Accuracy is a vital skill within our work. We don’t shortcut or overlook any corners to complete a job within a smaller timeframe. We dedicate every moment on site to ensuring that your East Grinstead home improvement is executed precisely, to nothing less than our high standard and continue to exceed expectations for your internal or external plastering work.

As a team, customer service is as important to us as our physical offerings. We will form a relationship with you that is honest and transparent, allowing us to form a level of trust and respect. Our team will keep you updated with each action taken throughout the entire process, allowing you to feel well informed of your East Grinstead home improvement.

We utilise the newest technology which allows each member of our team to plan their workload effectively. This time efficient equipment is beneficial for two main reasons. It allows us to spend a shorter amount of time on the administration side of our work, leaving us with more time to dedicate to the physical home improvement, as well as preventing us from booking an overlap into our schedule.

Direct communication
Throughout our self-managed, end-to-end projects, we ensure that we communicate with you on several occasions. This level of contact will allow us to receive a precise feel for your property and specific requirements, down to the smallest detail, allowing us to execute the perfect home improvement for your East Grinstead property. We are also available for you whenever you wish to converse or communicate an alteration or query with us, either whilst on site, or over the phone.

Got a question East Grinstead plasterers?

If you have any questions or queries about our plastering service, head over to our FAQ page to see if our previously asked and answered questions can help you. If you cannot see your question here, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us where we would be happy to advise and assist.

You can also take a look at our reviews to see if our plastering work is right for your East Grinstead property.

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To get your plastering work underway, to enquire about our process or to arrange for a free initial consultation and quote, give us a call on call on 01342 618 618 or email us at info@harringtonsgroup.co.uk to get started.