Planning and design service

Here at Harringtons Group, as well as being an experienced building contractor, we also specialise in effective planning and design. No matter what the scope of your project may be, our turn-key service allows us to provide you with expert advice as well as obtaining building regulation and planning approval for your bespoke project and, if you choose to continue through with our team, we will take care of every aspect of your build, bringing your vision to a stunning reality.

Kickstart your plan and design process

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Our plan and design service

Our team are able to carry out effective and bespoke plan and design work across all of our Harringtons Group services. From kitchen installations to new builds, you can guarantee that with our one-stop process, your project can be in for a smooth ride with the highest-quality outcome.

  • Cost-free initial consultations
    We offer a free and reliable, no obligation consultation for all of our services, allowing each customer to enjoy the process of design whilst delving into the reality of their upcoming project, from honest costings to accurate timescales.
  • Site surveys
    Upon your choice to move forward with your project, we will undertake an accurate site survey, allowing us to gather essential and reliable information about the tasks that lie ahead for your bespoke build.
  • Our architectural and structural drawing package
    It is important that your project complies with your local building regulations. To help with this, our team will create a detailed architectural and structural drawing package, involving the required calculations and engineering information. This drawing package will then be utilised to ensure that all approvals and permissions are processed and successfully obtained.
  • Legal agreements
    As experts in country-wide building regulations, we utilise our knowledge to apply for, and successfully obtain, planning permission, whilst also acquiring any required party wall agreements, allowing us to continue with your bespoke project and reach completion with no surprises.

The benefits of the Harringtons Group plan and design service

Here at Harringtons Group, we offer a flexible turn-key service which remains hassle-free for each of our customers. We can undertake your entire project from start to finish, walking you through each stage of the project and delivering a completed product of the highest standard, exceeding all expectations.

Whilst there will be a beneficial cost reduction on our drawing package for continuing the project with our Harringtons Group team, we are able to work with our design team, delivering a scope of works that can be taken out to tender and managed independently.

Our one-stop service eliminates the requirement for additional project managers and specialist consultants, removing the risk of miscommunication errors. Whilst being able to undertake the project from start to finish enables us to take full responsibility for the design and delivery, we can also ensure that everything is delivered to the highest standard, remaining in line with all bespoke requirements discussed during the initial consultation.

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