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Deciding to convert your loft space into a living area is a decision that you could be living with for the rest of your time in your Oxted property.

From transforming a home to create a third floor for an additional bedroom, to converting the loft space within your barn or office for additional storage or working space, the list is endless. Our team here at Harrington’s Group cover all of the endless possibilities within the world of loft conversions and are here to assist you in bringing your property dreams to life. We have spent a wealth of years renovating homes throughout Oxford and its surrounding areas, from Tandridge Lane to Pollards wood road, transforming homes with our sleek home improvement services. If you are looking to turn your property dreams into a reality, then get in touch with us at Harrington’s Group – we will be happy to assist you.

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Here at Harrington’s Group, we offer a free, initial consultation and quotation for your Oxted loft conversion planning and installation work. This appointment is designed to inform you of the plan of action in which we will take, allowing you to feel highly informed of the process ahead, with no obligation to proceed.

If you would like to arrange for this consultation, give us a call on 01342 618 618, send us an email at info@harringtonsgroup.co.uk or alternatively, fill out our quick contact form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Transform your Oxted property with high quality loft conversions

Each property throughout the location of Oxted is varied in both size and shape, but our team have the knowledge and expertise on the regulations and forms of multiple types of loft conversions. Allow us to blend the feel of your existing property into the conversion to produce a stunningly bespoke living area with the best option for your property.

Take a look at the previous loft conversion projects that we have completed in and around Oxted.

Why choose us for your
loft conversions in Oxted

To ensure that every project is completed to the highest standard, we must ensure that accuracy is our number one focus. As a team, we all work to the closest millimetre throughout every aspect of a loft conversion with extreme attention to detail, allowing the way for only high-quality, pristine results.

It is important to ensure that we create a transparent and trustworthy bond with you when working on your home improvement. Our team are aware that we will be working within the area of your home and will work with the highest levels of respect. We will also communicate the progress on your loft conversion with you daily, allowing you to be kept well informed of the process.

To plan our workload effectively and in a time-efficient manor, we rely upon an advanced online system. This programme ensures that no projects are ever double booked, allowing no room for dedication to a project to be minimised, whilst giving us additional time to spend on your home improvement.

Direct communication
On a daily basis, it is likely that we will cross paths whilst working on your home improvement. During these times, we will update you on the project as of date. If we are unable to catch you, we are also able to schedule in meetings to discuss the process. We are available at the end of the hone throughout the week for any questions or additions that you may have whilst we are off site over the evening time, so feel free to communicate with us whenever you please.

Got a question about Oxted loft conversions?

If you have any questions or queries relating to your potential Oxted loft conversion, take a look at our FAQ page FAQ page. We have collated all of our most frequently asked questions here and you might just find your own!

You can also take a look at reviews to see if our loft conversion work is right for your Oxted property.

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To get your Oxted loft conversion process started contact us by calling 01342 618 618, or send us an email at info@harringtonsgroup.co.uk and we will get back to you to arrange your initial consultation.