Garden rooms
in Sussex

Making the most out of your garden space can be an extremely rewarding project. Here at Harringtons Group, our experienced team have the ability to create bespoke garden room solutions, no matter what the vision may be. As a large and well-established building contractor, we have been able to transform living spaces throughout the South East with our fully comprehensive services, from sleek garden offices to impressive garden bars, achieving maximum impact whilst causing minimal disruption. For your unique garden room in Sussex, reach out to us at Harringtons Group.

What can your garden room be used for?

Garden office
Allow yourself to become productive whilst working from home by setting up an office within your own living space, but one which is detached from the central hub of your home. Wave goodbye to busy commutes and hello to effortless home-based working.

Garden gym
Dedicate your garden room to fitness and create your own private gym. With solid flooring to withstand weighted equipment, anti-slip matting and fitted mirrors, you will feel worlds away from home whilst working on your fitness and physique.

Garden spa
Fit a haven retreat into your own living space in the form of a garden spa. With a built-in steam room, sauna or hot tub with a decking surround, you can add an element of relaxation into your hectic day-to-day lifestyle.

Garden pub
Bring your local even closer to you in the form of your own private garden pub. With construction of a bar, shelves and lighting, simply add some finishing touches, such as bottles, glasses and signage to create a pub right in the comfort of your back garden.

The Harringtons’ quality

Every home is different and that is why each garden room we undertake is unique to the customer and their environment. With any and every project, quality is the core focus point for us. Our intense levels of precision, organisation, transparency and communication ensure that our fully comprehensive services remain highly effective. We take great levels of pride in our work, ensuring that accurate planning is carried out right to the closest millimetre, carving the pathway for a finalised result of nothing less than the highest form of perfection. From a simple box design to an ornate and unique square footing, we can deliver your bespoke, high quality garden room which aligns with your vision and exceeds your expectations. All of our garden rooms withhold the same standard that you would find within a new build.

Tell us about your project

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The build

The building process is started by the laying of a steel and timber combined base, lifted off the ground to allow way for air flow and precipitation. The structural framework is then constructed before the external walls and roofing are laid. Our team are then able to soak you roofing in high-quality roofing fiberglass, as well as the topcoat of your decided colour, to ensure that it is made watertight before the electrics are then fitted internally. Your choice of double-glazed doors and windows are then fitted whilst external cladding is mounted by use of high-quality stainless-steel screws. Your garden room will be insulated with foil-faced PIR insulation panels, ensuring that insulation and heat retention is at its highest before plasterboard is fitted and expertly skimmed to leave a professionally smooth finish. Before your choice of flooring is laid and additional fittings are installed, such as sockets, switches and skirting boards, we are able to fit a heated mat with levelling concrete, keeping your floor warm throughout the winter months.

More often than not, planning permission and building regulation approval will not be required for the construction of our garden rooms in Sussex. However, if you are seeking a design which requires approval and permission, we are able to assist you through this process.


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Design features

Each bespoke garden room throughout mid, east and west Sussex is designed and constructed with the environment and customer in mind and to do this, we are able to offer a wide range of features. We construct our garden rooms with high-quality and durable timber, cedarwood, K-rendered or composite wood, each built to withstand weathering of all types, and our team will aid you in the selection of your wooden solution, based upon what you are looking to achieve. We can also add insulation and double glazing to each garden room, allowing it to be utilised 365 days a year, as well as bi-fold doors, sky lights, underfloor heating, electrics and decking.  

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