Once you have made the decision to convert your loft space, there are numerous things to consider such as what type of loft conversion to opt for, and what to use this space for. Whether it’s a home office, guest bedroom, or upstairs living space for everyone to use, the possibilities are endless. With so many options for your loft extension, it is difficult to know which direction to go in, so allow us to help by providing some loft conversion ideas so that you can maximise the space you have available.

Maximise the proportions of your loft

One of the most common features of loft conversions are their sloping ceilings, which you may feel is a limitation when it comes to planning how to use this space. However, you can use these limitations to your advantage when planning the layout of your new room. The low ceilings make for a cosier feel, so you can plan the layout of your furniture to suit this. You won’t have to worry about your ceiling being head height when you’re getting out of bed in your new attic bedroom.

Keep your loft conversion open plan

Depending on the ideas you have for your loft, keeping it open plan will make this space feel larger and create the impression that you have added a completely new dimension to your home. Keeping furniture minimal or creating a

master bedroom with an open en suite will help keep this space as clear and free flowing as possible.

Maximise natural light in your loft

Another important element of the planning process will be the positioning of windows in order to maximise the natural light of your new space. Velux windows are the most common option for a roof space as they will provide the most daylight. You should consider factors such as the direction the windows will be facing before deciding where windows should be positioned. If you decide that a dormer loft conversion is a better option for you to create extra room, you should think carefully about where dormer windows are placed to allow maximum sunlight in.

Creating a home office in your loft

If you aren’t planning on using your extra space for a new bedroom, there are still countless possibilities for your conversion, one of which is a home office. Having an office within your loft can provide a quiet place away from the rest of the house for you to focus and maximise productivity whilst working from home. It may be a good idea to opt for a dormer conversion to provide more space for your office, which should fall under permitted development rules depending on how far you are planning to extend the loft. Natural light is important for productivity, so you should opt for a design that allows as much light in as possible.

When converting your loft, you should remember that your conversion will fall under permitted development. However, this excludes listed buildings and properties in conservation areas. For more information regarding loft conversions or to get booked in with our construction experts, contact Harringtons Group today. Give us a call on 01342 618 618 or email so that we can find out more about your project.